Quality and Experience

The next step can be difficult to see because there are so many moving parts.  Everything is in chaos, and there seems to be no hope. We can help bring clarity and organization to what seems to be an impossible situation.  Our business and project experience will help bring alignment of expectations, identify goals, and get the team motivated and striving toward the result.

Today's next step... Objectives are a key part of defining your plans.

When working through the objectives of your strategic plan or project plan, try to keep the proposed solutions neutral.  The path to reaching your solutions requires vision, but should also consider any external factors or restrictions that may impact the objective.  Break down the objective into manageable goals that can be accomplished over time.  Make sure that your goals follow the SMART model (Specific, Measurable, Action Driven, Realistic results, and Time-constrained).


The pharmaceutical and biotech industry is exciting and fast paced.  It requires the ability to be detailed and focused.  Patient safety is always paramount.  Managing projects in this arena requires planning, quality insight, awareness, risk identification and mitigation, and alignment with regulations.  Contact us today and let us help you with your next project.


Construction projects represent the building of dreams and vision. There are several areas to consider ranging from the development of the design to budgets, risk analysis, vendor management, construction administration, and handover.  Safety is most important, and quality is a top priority as well.  Let us help coordinate and manage your next construction project.  Contact us today and let us help you with your next project.

IT / Automation

Complexity, strategy, communication are all words used to describe the vast world of IT and Automation projects.  These projects require a knowledgeable resource that can manage the challenges of these types of projects and effectively communicate with the technical teams delivering these exciting and innovative projects.

Strategic Planning

Business acumen is key to being successful.  As a startup company, you need to be able to develop a plan and strategy that will be the foundation and reference to propel your business forward.  More importantly, your ability to communicate that plan with your team or investors could be the difference maker for your success. Entrepreneurs are often so busy developing the next big thing; they sometimes miss communicating their development progress to those who need it most. Our STEPView™ Strategic Planning process will outline the key elements needed to be successful.  We can help you develop a strong communication package and portfolio for your products and services.  Contact us and let us help you build a great plan and communication strategy for your growing company.


BrainScoping bridges traditional brainstorming and development of project scope.  This customized session is designed to challenge thinking and develop great ideas for your project or business. We foster an open dialogue and encourage a creative mindset to shape ideas into attainable goals.  At the end of the session, you will understand must-haves, nice-to-haves, preliminary timelines, and a plan for sustainability and structure.  This is about establishing the vision, mission, goals, strategy, and action plan for your next project or business objective.

Project Recovery

A project in trouble is a project in need of recovery.  The stress is high, and the organization expects you to deliver on time and budget.  We will utilize our proven process to evaluate your project, assess the impacts, and provide a plan to recover the project to a manageable state.  If your project is behind schedule and not currently meeting the deliverables, call us today so that we can help get your project or business goals back on track.